This post is a little different to my other reviews. I wanted to provide you with information as to which products I would recommend as an absolute must have in your sketching pencil case. These would be your sketching essentials. Graphite Pencils I’ve used many different brands of pencils overRead More

I love my family. I feel very lucky to have them and count my blessings everyday. It is why we’ve survived nearly a year shielding, and similarly, a year of home-schooling. We’ve been feasting on Banana Bread for treats, but this month, we decided to try something new on anRead More

To create art you need a canvas, and that canvas can be anything. However, a lot of the time it will be some form of paper-stock. For years I’ve searched for the perfect canvas for myself. Canson Mix Media Imagine is great for graphite, light use of water-soluble mediums, andRead More

I always associate pastels with crude pictures drawn in a high school art class. Those which never see the light of day again…ever. This year, with the virus still in full force, I decided I wanted to experiment with more art materials. I appear to have acquired an art shop’sRead More

When I was growing up I couldn’t wait to get out of Stoke-on-Trent. All the most interesting people had left: Robbie Williams, Slash, Arnold Bennett, Reginald Mitchell, even the Captain of the Titanic. And back in 2004 I finally relocated to East Anglia. However, as the years have rolled by,Read More