Amigurumi Corona Virus Toilet Paper Eating Monster

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It’s been a strange couple of weeks and what has come out of it for me is this Amigurumi Corona Virus Monster. All those little things that we took for granted are largely absent. We are told to stay indoors and practice self-distancing. It’s an introverts dream, and an extroverts nightmare. Our social media timelines are consumed with Corona Virus misinformation.

I’m currently working full-time from home, whilst simultaneously trying to home school my 8 year old. This is not an easy task. My husband and son are both classed as high risk, so we’re stuck here for a minimum of 12 weeks. I venture out purely to restock our food cupboards.

I’ve been seeing a lot of crochet projects with the virus as it’s theme. At first, it was funny. Crocheters making toilet rolls as a response to the hoarding. It soon became an irritant. The realisation of the severity of this virus became evident, and all these creations somehow didn’t seem funny anymore.

Yarn Instead of Paper & Ink

Front view of my amigurumi corona virus monster

Yet, my feelings changed when I came across an incredible pattern for the virus. It was certainly the best one I had seen, and this got me thinking. What is the difference between recording what is going on around us in a diary, and documenting the same things using yarn? Or any other creative medium for that matter. Therefore, I decided to make my very own toilet paper eating Corona Virus monster.

Amigurumi Corona Virus Monster

Off centre view of Amigurumi Corona Virus Monster

This was a relatively easy project to complete. The pattern was originally bought Etsy. However, Etsy seem to be removing anything related to the Corona Virus. Since purchasing and downloading the pattern for this version, Etsy has removed it. Do not fret! The designer has re-uploaded an almost identical pattern, without the toilet paper, under a more ambivalent name.

The pattern recommends that we use 24mm clear safety eyes, and then paint the orange and yellow pattern using acrylic paint. I didn’t have 24mm safety eyes in my stash, but they seemed such an important part of the design, I, therefore, ordered some from Amazon UK.

I used some cheap acrylic paints, which worked incredibly well. They did need several coats, but as you can tell from the pictures, this is well worth the investment and time.

The Pattern

The pattern is using US terminology, however, the body is a simple double crochet (UK terms) stitch, and the eyelids are quick and easy to make. Despite the ease of the first few stages, from this point forward, the pattern was not so clear. Nevertheless, with a bit of perseverance and a few re-reads,  the rest of the design came together quickly. It only took me two evenings to complete.

What I really love about this design is not only the expression on the monster’s face, but it’s a nice size, and the toilet paper adds a little quirk while noting the silliness behind the toilet paper hoarding that has been going on around the world.

For my Corona virus toilet paper eating monster I use Stylecraft’s Special DK in granite, for the main body.

Although you can no longer buy the original pattern I would hugely recommend purchasing the new version as the character and quality is exactly the same. Although I cannot comment on that specific pattern, I would be very surprised if it isn’t exactly the same.


Side view of crocheted Corona Virus

This project was completed to in no way undermine the seriousness of this virus. Many people are completing projects, just like this one, as a coping mechanism, to make it a little less scary.

Being in lock-down is a very stressful and lonely place for many people. Don’t forget to check in with others. Keep yourself busy, try new things, make sure you stay safe. 

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