Crocheted Single Rose – Valentine’s Day

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I’m over indulging in yarn crafts at the moment, especially crochet. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that I decided to try this gorgeous crocheted single rose pattern.

I started knitting as a child, and was positively proud of my holey blanket I made my nephew when I was just 10 years old. I remember it being a piece of artwork, but even now I struggle with dropping stitches. Oh No! I count, I double count, I frog.

I really wanted to find something traditional for Valentine’s Day. When I came across this rose pattern I fell head over heals in love. Not only that, I foresee a dozen of them in purple and beige. These would be perfect in a simple vase.

Crocheted Single Rose

Crocheting for your Mental Health


Back in 2018, the University of Wollongong in Australia, conducted a study exploring how crochet can help people. This study was conducted via a survey of approximately 8,000 people, and most of the contributors answered that they crocheted almost on a daily basis.

The 2018 study found that the largest cited benefits were:

  • Calmness (90%)
  • Happiness (82%)
  • Improved memory (74%)
  • Improved concentration (71%).

To break these down further, crocheting provides the ability for self-expression, it reduces stress, and helps to boost self-esteem. All positive factors that contribute to your own well-being.

89% of the participants said they crochet for stress-relief, which now more than ever is something we very much need to prioritise. Stress causes a wide range of mental and physical health problems, and therefore finding hobbies and activities to alleviate day to day stresses is essential.

Crocheted Single Rose – Free Pattern

Crocheted Single Rose

This tutorial comes in the form of a series of YouTube videos by She’s Crafty. Her website link is no longer active for the written pattern. The series is in real-time, and is very comprehensive, with US crochet terminology.

The designer of this amazing rose shares the patterns for the rose petals, that enables you to make a rose bud, semi-open, and fully-open rose. The pattern she displays uses Asian marks, which she explains verbally using US-terminology. Do not despair, you will use single crochet (double crochet -UK) only, for the petals. There are step by step instructions and is pretty easy to follow.

However, when she reaches the directions for the leaves and sepal, she doesn’t provide any written pattern, though she does continues to provide step by step instructions in real-time. Neither did she know how to do a crab stitch, for the edging of the leaves, and therefore she demonstrates her own stitch to create the same effect.

Although, the tutorials became a little more time-consuming to follow as you progress through the stages, they were absolutely worth it for the end result. My advice would be to follow and write down the instructions for yourself. This way, if you wish to create a bouquet, you’ll find the pattern will assist you more appropriately than following the video each time.

Crocheted Single Rose

You Will Need:

Red Yarn (I used Women’s Institute)
Green Yarn (I used Red Heart Lisa – Farn)
2.5mm Hook
Stitch Marker
Floral Hobby Wire
Floral Tape
Hot Glue Gun + Clear Hot Glue
Small Scissors

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