Felt Succulent Letter

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I love Hobby Craft (the UK’s version of Hobby Lobby). One of the most exciting things I discovered last year was their ‘Ideas‘ section of their website. I could, quite honestly, live in Hobby Craft and make everything from their ideas section. One of the first things I wanted to try was the Felt Succulent Letter.

The felt pieces all cut out for the Felt Succulent Letters

It’s a Hobby Craft Idea

Hobby Craft provide you with templates and a guide for over half a dozen succulent designs. They also have a video on their website, which shows you how to make the different elements. This was helpful, but they go into fast-speed far too soon. However, many of the succulents are put together in the same way, so once you have figured it out, it’s really quite simple.

Star Succulent 2 in purple
A Wavy Succulent in Felt

A Felt Succulent Letter

Once you’ve printed off the templates and cut them out, you will need to transfer the shapes onto the felt sheets. Simply draw around the templates, using a pencil, and cut them out with scissors. It did occur to me that if you have something like a Silhouette Cameo, you could take the shapes into the Silhouette software and have that cut out all the pieces for you, much faster. If you choose to do this, make sure your machine is compatible for felt cutting.

The finished succulent letter

Choose your felt to match your personality, or the décor of the room you will be displaying it. If it’s for a gift, think about the colours the receiver loves. Crafting is about creativity. Don’t feel constrained by realism. It’s all up to you.

The number you will need will depend on which sizes and styles you choose. I found the Star Succulent 2 was the largest of all the succulents. I made two, but had I of known the final sizes, I would have made a minimum of three. It’s important to note, there were a couple of typos in the instructions, but it is obvious what they were supposed to say. This was a bit disappointing considering the status within the crafting industry, Hobby Craft has. I would expect someone to proof-read their content.

The finished filled letter

As I was making the succulents I would place them in the letter, and move them around as I made more. Eventually, I came up with a lovely composition. Once full, I would remove them, one by one, add hot glue, and place it back in place.

I Loved It!

I can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed this project. If the rest of their ‘ideas’ are the same as this, I fear I will need to move into the local store. I think these are so gorgeous that I think they would sell well at craft fairs.

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