Frida’s Flowers Crochet Blanket

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When I stated this blanket I had barely crochet more than the odd granny square. However, when I saw the Frida’s Flowers crochet blanket, I immediately had to try it. As I was new to crochet, I was naive to alternative yarns and colours. I wanted to stay true to the pattern in every single way. Although I admit my naivety, another reason for sticking with the colour theme was that it was Jane Crowfoot’s inspiration taken from Frida Kahlo’s paintings. I adore Kahlo and felt a strong desire to be true to Crowfoot’s colour choice.

The complete Frida's Flowers Crochet Blanket

I have been working on this blanket for what feels like two years. I’m not entirely sure that is accurate, but regardless, it has taken me a while. In reality, if you combine the time spent, it took a couple of months to finish.

Close up of the blanket

I have produced other crochet items between starting and finishing this project so my confidence towards the end was certainly obvious. However, as this was my first piece, I’m sure there are some mistakes in there. Yet I’m proud of the finished blanket and would highly recommend any crocheter who loves the look to give it a try.

Frida’s Flowers Pattern.

A Super close up of the blanket

The best news about this pattern is that it is FREE, and available on the Stylecraft website.

The pattern is available using US and UK terms. Also for the Netherlands and Deutsch. The pattern is available to download in PDF form and can also be printed.

The blanket on the edge of a bench

Jane Crowfoot designed the pattern for Stylecraft using Stylecraft Classique Cotton DK. However, as this is a more expensive choice, they do provide the colour listing for their Stylecraft Special DK range which is a lot more affordable, and is, in fact, my choice for DK yarns as they come in many different colours. You can buy the required colours in a bundle from online stores such as the Wool Warehouse. I, personally, haven’t used the Wool Warehouse before, but I have heard many good reviews on social media. In my case, I chose the Classique yarn, but I did have to buy an additional Plum skein, but I’m not sure if this is because of my own errors.

Another close up.

The CAL is divided into 8 parts, and although the CAL is no longer active, you could still use their schedule to work to should you wish.

The patterns start relatively easy, and progress to a more intermediate-style block. Each block has clear instructions, and photographs to assist.

Once I started to put the Frida’s Flowers crochet blanket together my cat, Dart, had decided that this should be his blanket. He is my number one fan, when it comes to all things yarn. Come to think of it, he has to interfere with everything I try and make.

I really can’t praise this pattern enough. I’ve seen another Jane Crowfoot blanket she has designed called Bohemian Blooms. I might just need to give this a try too. Not before Stylecraft’s Carousel Blanket designed by Sue Pinner, using Stylecraft Batik yarn.

If you’ve crocheted the Frida’s Flowers blanket, do take me in to your images via social media.

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