Hare in Pastels – Tutorial by Eunice Friend

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I always associate pastels with crude pictures drawn in a high school art class. Those which never see the light of day again…ever. This year, with the virus still in full force, I decided I wanted to experiment with more art materials. I appear to have acquired an art shop’s worth, sitting looking pretty, but doing nothing. Facebook is great for somethings, and in some cases, for sponsored ads. I saw an ad for a zoom course to paint a hare in pastels, and knew that this was going to be super exciting. I didn’t know you could make pictures like that which I was seeing in the advert. Wow-wee.

Hare in Pastels

I couldn’t take part in the live session as I was taking part in a Secret Sketch Party. However, Eunice uploads the videos so you can watch them any time.

Hare Ears in Pastel


Eunice spoke about the importance of having the right materials. I had to pause, as I didn’t want to get frustrated trying to complete this picture with the wrong ones. I had hoped my pastel stash would be good enough, but I was wrong. Not that I needed an excuse to buy more art supplies.

Eunice is such a friendly person. We conversed via email about materials. I bought some velour sheets from Eunice’s website, and ordered some soft pastels from Amazon. Although I did have some pastel pencils, I bought some Faber Castell Pitt pastel pencils from Ebay. (Amazon does have some very good offers on them too).

After Christmas I would start.

I’m not sure how popular zoom tutorial sessions were before COVID-19, but they seem to be quite common and popular now. I really would recommend you try one. There are so many varieties out there, from beginner to advanced. From paid per session, to memberships.


Hare face in pastels

Eunice Friend’s session was warm and friendly. It feels like you’re in the same room. The lesson is well paced and informative. She explains everything clearly and in detail so you understand what you’re doing and why. Eunice speaks about the process of painting with pastels, but also explains why, sometimes, you go against the rules.

At £10-£12 a session, I cannot stress to you the satisfaction I got from completing this hare. First we completed the eye. I wanted to stop there to frame it, I was so happy! Then we did an ear. I documented the process, as I was sure that I’d mess up somewhere. The velour made me want to stroke it, as much as I wanted to stroke the hare. Everything about this, I enjoyed.

Even if you haven’t used pastels before, I would hugely recommend a trip to Eunice’s Facebook page and look at what she offers.


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