Love Hand Embroidery – Mother’s Day

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Love Hand Embroidery in Purple

I’ve never tried hand embroidery before, but I saw this one, and fell in love. I knew I had to give it a try. This beautiful Love hand embroidery pattern is by Brynn & Co. Their Etsy page is full off wonderful affordable patterns and kits, you should absolute browse.

Love Hand Embroidery

Love Embroidery Materials

The instructions come in a PDF download, beautifully presented. You can purchase this pattern in a bright or soft palette. Although that is as far as the difference goes. Brynn & Co recommend DMC colours, so if you’re wanting to use different colours or a different brand (like I did), it really doesn’t matter which you purchase.

Love Embroidery Stage 1

The instructions include a materials list, with recommended colours. It also has an incredibly helpful stitch guide. There is a pattern, which can be printed off, and then suggestions of how to transfer the pattern on to your fabric (normal and mirrored). From there, there is a step by step guide as to how to complete this amazing Love hand embroidery hoop. Finally, they share how they frame the finished piece.

Love Embroidery Stage 2

This pattern is perfect for the beginner and includes satin, straight and back stitches, as well as the french knot.

Love Embroidery Stage 3

A Mother’s Day Gift

Love Embroidery Stage 4

I originally embroidered the purple version for my sewing space, but I knew it would also be a perfect Mother’s Day gift. This became the pink version. Love and Mother’s Day are the perfect combination. I love my mum.

Love Embroidery in Purple and Pink

When I was a small child she was the one who introduced me to crafting. My nan had already taught me to knit, but my mum introduced me to paper-crafts such as quilling. She instigated my love for cross stitch, and we would combine our love for quilling with stamping. It didn’t stop there, we even delved into salt-dough crafts which I’m hoping to revisit again with my own son, soon.

Love in Purple

My childhood was filled with car shows, craft classes and craft fairs. At the latter, we would sell many of my mum’s handmade quilled cards. Even my dad joined in with a bit of wood work. It is through crafts I often think of my childhood with fondness.

Therefore, it only felt right to make my mum a hand embroidered picture of Love.

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