Posca Pen Plant Pot

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Posca pens are something I have only recently discovered, thanks to the incredible resource website, Pinterest. With an ever growing list of projects I wanted to try, the first one was absolutely a Posca pen plant pot. This would be a perfect craft for parents to do with the kids too.

What are Posca Pens?

Posca Pen Plant Pot

Posca Pens are quite simply paint filled pens which can write on virtually any surface. This means project possibilities are endless. The medium is water-based, which is light-fast and water-resistant. Available in over 50 colours. Even better, they come with a variety of nibs, from ultra fine to chisel.

Preparing for a Posca Project

Another view of the plant pot

When Hobbycraft had a sale on Posca pens, I managed to grab a set of ultra fine brights. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the pastels in the sale. As I had never used them before I was reluctant to spend the £18 they were charging for them. I can officially announce that I highly recommend these pens. I’d also recommend you start with the fine, rather than ultra-fine nib.

Posca Pen Plant Pot

Posca Pens are great, and perfect for personalised gifts

I had so much fun with my son making these. First we painted the terracotta plant pot white using a cheap white acrylic paint. Once dry, which was a very quick process, we drew our designs on with a pencil.

Choosing a Theme

Horror themed plant pot by my son

My son knew he wanted to do a horror film theme. I have to add here, he has not seen any of these films, however, the imagery and characters are everywhere, even children’s television shows make reference to them.

For me, I wanted to do something a bit more personal to me and decided to capture the characters of my cats. Two of them are no longer with us, so this was a lovely project.

About my Cats

my cats

Felix – my lovely long-haired black and white moggy will always be my most special boy. He was the most loving and huggable boy you could ever wish.

Bubbles – this beautiful boy was independent but loyal. He was always there, by your side when you needed him.

Sidney – this grumpy boy became a member of the family as a gift from myself to my husband, 7 months into our relationship. He loves a fuss, but on his terms. He’s not really a lap cat, but loves a good scratch behind his ears.

Dart – this cheeky chappy is my son’s cat. He loves a belly rub. He always wants attention. His voice is quite pathetic, but he is so loving.

Chester – my beautiful little traitor. This little kitty was my boy. I chose him for me. He was glued to me for about a week or so, but traded me in for my husband. He is quite independent, however, at night, when we settle down, that is when he wants a to be on someone.

The Process

My son's horror themed posca pen plant pot

Once we had drawn on our designs, we coloured in using the brights collection, and then outlined with a black. It is as simple as that.

The possibilities are endless. You can do abstract, you can do cartoons, you can do whatever you want. Enjoy yourself.

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