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When I was growing up I couldn’t wait to get out of Stoke-on-Trent. All the most interesting people had left: Robbie Williams, Slash, Arnold Bennett, Reginald Mitchell, even the Captain of the Titanic. And back in 2004 I finally relocated to East Anglia. However, as the years have rolled by, I miss my hometown. I miss the landscape of the Potteries. I am left feeling rather nostalgic. Therefore, I decided to make myself a decorative hometown posca pen mug.


Posca Pen Mug - Warehouse

Recently, I’ve reconnected with some old school friends via Facebook. Many are still in Stoke-on-Trent and follow many associated pages. As a recommendation, I came across a business page for Moorland Pottery. I was blown away by their products (these seem to be restricted since the lockdown, due to COVID-19). However, if you browse the Moorland Pottery Facebook Page you should see their lovely selection.

The artwork is incredible and the local humour was perfect.


Posca Pen Pot Banks

I had intended to do a Posca pen mug, and had already bought myself a white mug, but now I had inspiration.

It’s important to note: you will not be able to drink out of this mug – it’s for decorative purposes only. You will also want to consider spraying with a clear varnish or an appropriate fixer to protect your design from being scratched.

Added personalisation of my birth year.

I used an extra fine black posca pen and took my time with each section.

The mug was surprisingly easy to draw on. The nib almost glided across the surface with very little desire to stray.

In this case, I decided to see where the design went, however, I would normally advise you to consider your design and do a few sketches.

I will be purchasing one of the amazing Moorland Pottery mugs when the lockdown is over, so I can be nostalgic every time I drink my tea. Until then, my Hometown Posca Pen Mug will sit on my desk, providing me with a place to put all my pens.


posca pen terrace houses

There is nothing stopping you from creating nostalgic skylines and landscapes on anything. The beauty of Posca Pens are that they can be used on many different surfaces, including glass and ceramics. Recently, I painted some terracotta plant pots with white acrylic paint, and used the Posca pens to decorate. My son, Vincent, has been working on a brown storage box, which he has been decorating inside and out. The possibilities with Posca pens are vast.


final view of the posca pen mug

As we’re in lockdown at the moment, we are unable to see our friends and our loved ones. Living away from my family is hard under normal circumstances, but being away from them at this time is harder. I ring my parents nearly every day, but I miss them terribly. But it is important to remember, staying in is essential right now. Call your loved ones and friends. Check in with vulnerable family members and help where you can, as long as you’re maintaining social distancing.

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